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Kiran Pankan

UX Unicorn, Brand Strategist

Kiran covers a large range of creative digital and hardware products, platforms, and campaigns to create experiences.

With more than a decade of hands-on experience in design, development and delivering strategies and solutions to small, medium and large-scale enterprises, he has worked with more than 80 companies around the globe, including different private organisations and Government bodies.

His career path had been primarily focused on problem solving, designing brand strategies, user experiences, user interfaces, motion graphics, data visualisation, campaigns, product and environment designs.

His expertise also includes a wide array of programming languages and frameworks. He has had the opportunity to work in various fields of design ranging from voice to large-scale devices, handhelds to automobile interfaces. He had also managed, recruited and trained multiple development and design teams.

Kiran currently leads Design, Product and Engineering teams for a stealth startup.

Awards and Achievements


Founded Beautevil Nano University - Tech finishing school.

One of the fastest implementation of a brand new design system.

Designed digital revamps for show formats of the world's biggest reality shows.

Released second product of Focus Lineup - Focus Cards.


Buttonless interface for onboarding into a mobile application.

Developed reality formats for one of the world's top content generation corporation.

Released Focus Planner and Journal - the daily productivity boosting tool.

Designed pitch deck for a POS product and services company, which got them acquired by PayTM™.

Co-conducted Calicut's first ever dribbble™ meetup.

Design partner for Saras™ Fair, Department of Local Self Government, Government of Kerala.


Designed interface-less user experience to easily allow the user to consume digital entertainment across automobile, hand-held device and large screens.

Recognised for designing most innovative, intelligent and adaptive internet banking User Experience.

Got invited by Google™ for foobar challenge.


Best designed booth Award - Convergence™ India.

Designed and developed world's first video streaming Progressive Web Application.

Designed strategy for a startup and grew from single small room to multi level office space, 50 employees and multiple business contracts and products.


India's first Roku™ Designer.

Designed most intuitive online movie self-release and ticketing platform.


Designed employment portal for Saudi Government.

Designed world's most used in-game fantasy application.

Design partner for Tazmo™ Japan.

Conducted UI/UX bootcamp for aspiring designers.

Listed as one of the top 100 freelance designers in the world on designcrowd™.


Designed and developed web-clipping tech and got acquired by a tech giant.

Designed peer to peer celebrity-fan restricted chat platform.

Designed strategy for ice-cream chain, grown from a single small shop to multiple franchises all over south India.

Painted largest mural in Model Engineering College, Kochi, India.


Designed world's first cross-browser add-on based cloud bookmarking service.